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Insurance Specialists

Don't get stuck paying the bill!

No one looks forward to having a disaster in there home or filing a claim with their insurance carrier to get it covered. For many people they may only do this once, and for others they may wish they had only done it once. With our services not only do you receive the very best in restoration knowledge and professionalism but we will also walk you through filing your claim.

Whether it involves meeting your adjuster at the property, coordinating with your carrier, or billing we are able to take the guess work out of the entire process. The reason you have insurance is to cover your belongings and your home, don’t get caught with the wrong information.

We utilize the very same industry approved software for estimating that 90% of insurance companies and adjusters use. What does this mean for you? It means that when it comes time to collect payment our estimate is exactly what your insurance provider has agreed to pay. Other companies may not use this software and can be off by hundreds if not thousands of dollars. That leaves you paying the bill! At Element850 we understand what its like to face a disaster. Let us help you avoid another.

Don’t have insurance? No problem. Call today and ask about our Homeowners Assist Program.