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HVAC Cleaning

What is an HVAC system?

HVAC is an acronym for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. Your HVAC system is the mechanical system that controls the temperature and conditions the interior of the home or building.

Why does this need to be cleaned?

As part of the conditioning process your HVAC system by means of the air handler which is located inside your home pressurizes and depressurizes the structure. This means that there is constantly a pulling and pushing of air throughout the structure. Inside of your home are several different contaminants such as; dust, mold, chemicals, VOC’s, off-gasing from materials, etc.

As the air handler pressurizes the home it is pulling air through the return system into the mechanical system and throughout the ductwork, back into the home. This means that all of those contaminants are being filtered directly into the system.

Our Process

We clean the entire system from start to finish to insure that all those contaminants are removed.

  • System is placed under negative pressure.
    • We install a three-stage HEPA filtration machine to the air handler unit inside the home.
    • All of the vent registers are removed and the duct boots are sealed.
  • Mechanical components are cleaned.
    • The blower assembly (what pushes the air) is removed and taken apart. The entire assembly is cleaned using anti-microbials, degreasers, and deodorizers.
    • The cooling coils are cleaned either in place or removed depending on the extent of contamination. If the coils require removal this is done by a licensed HVAC tech.
    • The Heating element is detached and inspected to make sure that it is free of debris.
  • Duct runs and plenums are cleaned.
    • A rotating brush is sent through each individual duct run all the way back to the plenum.
    • The brush is also sent through the supply plenum connected to the air handler again from the supply side to insure that all debris and contamination is adequately removed.
    • The return plenum is HEPA vacuumed. Return plenums that are in the ceiling or that have a chase are also put under negative pressure and cleaned the same way as the duct runs.
  • The system is sealed.
    • At the completion of the cleaning process while the system is still under negative pressure, a fungicidal coating is sprayed or fogged through each individual duct run. The pressure pulls the encapsulant throughout the system.
    • The supply and return plenum is also sealed with this coating.

What makes us better?

Most duct cleaners do not put the system under negative pressure or seal the ducts afterward. Why is this important?

Without the immense pressure created by our machine, most of the debris and contaminants will not be extracted from the ductwork. Therefore, after their cleaning process is done and your system is turned back on all of those contaminants are released back into the environment of your home.

Most ductwork in southern humid regions are made of a fiberglass ductboard. This fiberglass when agitated and disrupted can break down, releasing fiberglass into the air. Our coating system seals those fibers into the ductboard. This insures that the fiberglass is not released into the home for your family or employees to breathe in. Secondly, the coating that we use has an anti-microbial agent which prevent mold from growing in the ductwork.