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Board-Up Property

Securing Your Property!

In the aftermath of a disaster the security or lack thereof, of your property is a major concern. Securing your property after a fire, before or after a hurricane, flood, or any other disaster is often times the first step in beginning a restoration plan.

Boarding up your property goes beyond just keeping the element and intruders out. Depending on the extent of damage structural support may be required before entry into the home. Our team will analyze the structure and secure it so that the property can be inspected and restored safely.

During a fire, firefighters often times will make air holes through the roof or by breaking windows and doors. This leaves the property very vulnerable to the elements and intruders. Our board up process includes materials and labor to secure the building envelope from rain, wind, and intruders.

Before, during, or after your disaster contact us to secure your property and build a plan for restoration.