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Mold Health & Safety

Dead mold is still allergenic

It is important to remember that mold can begin growing in less than 48 hours after a water source has begun. A water source can be as small as a spike in humidity. That is why quick action must be taken in the event of a water loss but especially if evidence of mold growth has been established.

The presence of mold In your home or commercial building can adversely affect the health of you and your family or employees as well as the health of the building. Many types of mold produce mycotoxins that are released by the fungi as a way to reproduce as well as protect itself. These mycotoxins can enter your body in different ways, the most common being inhalation. Under certain circumstances some types of these toxins being released can lead to heart problems, lung problems, as well as many other health complications.

Mold is a living organism that can spread and deteriorate building materials. Mold is easily disturbed causing spores to become airborne. Once these spores are airborne they can easily be inhaled through our noses and mouths and down into the lungs leading to allergic reactions and in some cases severe effects.

Mold growth can often times be found in damp, dark, areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, storage closets, recently flooded or wet areas, basements, un-insulated walls, around plumbing fixtures, and anywhere with poor ventilation. There are hundreds of different genus of mold or fungi and thousands of different species within those genuses. Many of these different genus of mold react differently and thrive under vary conditions of temperature and humidity.

When mold is thriving and growing it will produce three things: spores, odors/gases known as MVOCs (microbial volatile organic compounds), and mycotoxins which is a byproduct produced by some mold genus.

Mold requires three things to thrive and survive: air, moisture, and a food source. Without any one of these three things, mold cannot survive. The easiest aspect to control is moisture. A needed moisture source could be anything from standing water to excessive humidity. If the moisture source is not controlled, mold can begin to grow in the indoor environment. Once mold has begun to grow it is not enough merely to remove the moisture source. Even dead mold can be allergenic. Furthermore, if the moisture source ever returns then the mold will spring back to life and begin spreading again.

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