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Black Mold Exposure Symptoms and Health Effects

Mold is a type of fungi growing in filaments and reproducing by forming spores. They have also been known as mildew, particularly the ones that are white or gray in color and grows in shower stalls or bathrooms. The most usual cases of household mold found indoors include Cladosporium, Penicillium, Alternaria, and Aspergillus. Stachybotrys chartarum (also known as “black mold”) is a greenish-black mold that can be found indoors. Symptoms Black mold is toxic. Black mold causes serious health problems such as mental impairment, breathing … Read more

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5 tips for handling a water leak

Do you have a water leak? No need to worry, it is actually much more common that you probably realize. This can be fixed and your home and belongings salvaged. First things first, turn off the water. As long as more water is coming in, the situation is only getting worse. Second, understand that your wet carpet is only part of the problem. While that moisture must be removed, the moisture in the walls is of more concern. This dark secluded area will … Read more

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Tips To Prepare You For Hurricane Season

Are you prepared? June 1 marked the start of Hurricane season. What does that mean for you? Hurricanes bring a potential threat to our homes and business.  If low pressure systems are brewing off the Eastern or Gulf Coasts it is time to start thinking about your preparedness and putting in place an exit strategy. Before the storm hits make sure you have everything in order. Check our blog “Hurricane Tips” for some useful information. 10 Hurricane Tips Get important papers and special … Read more

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Prepared for Disaster – Hurricane Isaac

As Tropical Storm Isaac makes its through the Gulf Of Mexico many are anxiously waiting to see where it will hit and with what intensity. Most models as of Sunday evening show Isaac moving westward headed for New Orleans, LA. Some models still track Tropical Storm Isaac on its original course which is headed for Destin, FL. As of now all of the northern Gulf Coast is on high alert. Keep in mind that the strongest side of this storm is contained to … Read more

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Cleaning Chemicals Impacting Your Health?

Clean doesn’t have an odor. We all think that cleaning our home and offices adds to a healthier lifestyle and environment. However, studies show that we could be making it worse. This is not to say that cleaning will negatively impact our health but rather the way we clean may be impacting our health in an adverse way. For example, the chemical triclosan is an aggressive anti-bacterial agent. Triclosan can be found in most chemicals and soaps labeled “anti-bacterial”. But wait, isn’t anti-bacterial … Read more

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Flash Flood Damage – Call Today!

Rainfall has been constant over Northern Florida and South Alabama. Flash Flood Warnings have been described as extreme for Escambia County, Santa Rosa County, and Baldwin County. Homeowners in Bayou la Batre, Alabama and Gulf Breeze, Florida have reported flood waters entering their homes. Flood waters are very dangerous. If you encounter flood waters do not try to drive through it. If at all possible get to higher ground. Remember to pack valuables such as medicines, insurance policy, etc in plastic. Element850 Restoration … Read more

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10 Questions To Ask Before A Project

It’s happened to just about everyone who has undergone a project to their house or business. You’ve put a plan together, made a decision, and then lived to regret it. About half way through, you start wondering where the guy you thought you were hiring went to? Or I thought we agreed on this, but in reality you are getting that. We have put together a list of questions to ask your restoration contractor before you hire them. Let’s face it, no one wants to … Read more

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Air Duct Cleaning helps your Health

Science has shown that prolonged exposure to elevated levels of mold and bacteria is not healthy, especially for children and elderly ones. Prolonged exposure can lead to allergies and asthma as well as fungal infections, some of which can be life threatening. In homes the problem is somewhat common. Anywhere that is moist for extended periods of time becomes a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Here’s an area that you may not have thought about though, that can be a potential hazard … Read more

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Hurricane Tips

Homeowners Caught Unprepared As forecasts were coming in regarding the path and strength of Hurricane Beryl no one expected it would come on shore. Homeowners had a false sense of security that had terrible consequences. Tropical Storm Beryl suddenly changed its path and hit the Eastern coastline at winds just below that of a Category 1 Hurricane. Unprepared homeowners were left scrambling to secure their properties and find a safe place. Hurricane Beryl resulted in regional flooding, structural damage due to high winds, … Read more

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Lead Safe EPA Law

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has stepped up enforcement of the law governing Lead Safe Practices. The EPA has fined several individuals and contractors in the last few months. One in particular against Juan Hernandez in New England for $127,150.00 for violating lead paint disclosure laws. These laws require than any structure built prior to 1978 which will have work done that will manipulate painted surfaces be tested for lead. If lead is discovered, it must be disclosed to the owner and restoration … Read more

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