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They out did themselves.

Thank you for doing a fine job. Your crew out did themselves. I’m glad this is all over with. You guys made it not so bad!

Fran Mcdconald
Wolverine Lake, Michigan

I truly wish that I had known about them from day one.

I am an out-of-town landlord who experienced significant water damage in my multi-family rental property.  Hundreds of gallons of water ran through an upper unit and into the lower unit.

To do the water cleanup and mitigation, I initially hired a “big name” chain that “everyone has heard of” and that “everyone can trust”.  I was wrong.  This chain did not perform daily visits, they did not follow the rules governing the industry, they did not verify that all structural materials were dry, and what little they did do correctly, they did not do in a timely fashion.  The end result is that I wound up with a huge bill, and lots of problems left to solve.  Unnecessary problems that, had I hired the right company to start with, I never would have had.  Since the cleanup had been done so poorly, I contacted Garrett with Element850 to discuss my concerns about mold.  As feared, after inspection, significant amounts of mold were found that required remediation.  This mold resulted from the poor job done by the “big name” company.

From the moment I called them for information, Garrett was professional, timely in both work and in returning my phone calls, and informative, answering every question I had along the way.  He did an excellent job in working with my tenants’ schedules and in doing quality work that did not need to be redone.  Garrett supplied all of the documents I needed in the formats desired by the insurance company, which made the process much easier.  Once I had solid quotes from Garrett, the insurance company did not haggle with me anymore.  He did a great job at a competitive price.

I truly wish that I had known about them from day one.  As an out-of-town landlord, who cannot supervise his contractors on a daily basis, I attest that Garrett has done an A-1 job at a great price.  Do not buy yourself the expensive lesson that I did.  I highly recommend you work with Garrett from day one and avoid the disappointments and disasters that can happen if you chose the wrong team for the job.

Matthew Pope
Fort Walton Beach, FL

recommend this company because of their professionalism and prompt service

My husband and I had a water emergency at 4:00 in the morning. A water pipe burst on the second floor of our home. Water began flooding the upstairs bathroom and soon came through the floor. Water began pouring into our first floor master bedroom, soaking the carpet and our mattress. We called Garrett with Element850 Restoration and he was at our home within 30 minutes. He had vacuums and dehumidifiers and air handlers with him to begin the cleanup process. Because of his prompt attention, we had no mold from this occurrence. Even our mattress was saved. We would unquestionably recommend this company because of their professionalism and prompt service.

Nancy Dunnagan
Niceville, FL

You did a great job

I appreciate the professionalism and timely manner in which you completed the repairs to my home. I know this project was quite involved as removal of damaged materials kept revealing more damage that had to addressed and repaired. You did a great job in removal of the mold an dry rotted materials. If I have any future needs of a contractor I will certainly give you a call.

Stan Woods
Pensacola Beach, FL

They were swift to respond, evaluate, and stabilize our flooded home.

They were swift to respond, evaluate, and stabilize our flooded home. They worked closely with us on every decision, and worked diligently to restore the living area for our comfort. Their skilled craftsmanship, polite and professional demeanor, and flexibility, left the house a much better place to live in. We are truly grateful and will call on them again when our funds allow us to.

John W. & Jennifer Abbott
Pensacola, FL

Having Element850 come over and handle the dry out of my house was by far the easiest part of this whole process.

My house was plumbed with polybutylene piping back in the 80’s which turned into a nightmare for me. I called Element850 to come over to my house late in the evening one night when I thought a pipe had broke. Garrett showed up shortly after I called and got the problem diagnosed. He got my house safe for me and my family that night and then returned the next morning to continue drying out my house. I have never had to file an insurance claim on my house since I bought in in 08′. Not only did Garrett help get my house back to being safe for my family and I to live in, he also took the time to explain the process of filing an insurance claim and what I should expect and what I would probably be asked to do. Having Element850 come over and handle the dry out of my house was by far the easiest part of this whole process.

Justin Boulton
Niceville, FL

Element 850 will be my first call for any future needs.

Element 850 was a pleasure to work with. Garrett is very knowledgeable about methods to remedy the mold growth, and the post remediation air quality test results were excellent. I would recommend Element 850 to anyone needing remediation services. Not only was the proposal reasonable, but their courteous demeanor and efficient work ethic made the job go smoothly and quickly. Thank you for your hard work. Element 850 will be my first call for any future needs.

Adam Waldrop
Pensacola, FL